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Personal & Business Bankruptcy

Dallas W. Jolley as a former financial planner, he has helped people get their financial lives in order through proper planning using the bankruptcy code to their advantages.Mr. Jolley dedicates a large amount of time each year improving his own planning skills and improving the planning skills of other professionals.

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Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Since 1993, the law firm of Dallas W. Jolley has helped individuals and families save their homes from foreclosure. Through client counseling, education, and personalized planning, we guide our clients through the bankruptcy process with the objective to eliminate as much debt as is possible, and if necessary, to reorganize to save a house from foreclosure, a business from failure, or even to get a drivers license reinstated.Unfortunately, there are many myths about bankruptcy that need to be exposed for what they are, just myths. These myths are causing people to spend exempt assets to pay debts that would be eliminated in their bankruptcy. For example, many people are spending down their pension and retirement funds to pay credit card bills when pension and retirement funds are exempt from the bankruptcy process, which means that you get to keep them.

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10 Common Myths About Bankruptcy

If you are losing sleep worrying about how you are going to pay your debts or deal with a judgment or have a foreclosure pending, filing a bankruptcy may be the best possible solution. Bankruptcy can put an end to worries about debts so that you will no longer have sleepless nights (at least not about debts).Unfortunately, since the changes to bankruptcy law in 2005, myths about bankruptcy have arisen mainly because of misunderstandings, incorrect reporting by news commentators, and incorrect statements made by so-called experts and by those who want you to pay them a fee.

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