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Watch excellent videos that explain the bankruptcy process.

(Prepared by the U.S.Courts)

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Bankruptcy Myths   -   History Lesson   -   Recovery   -   Power to Tax

A common myth about bankruptcy is that you will lose your car and all of your possessions when you file, but that is not true. You are allowed to keep most of your real and person property within certain dollar amount limits considering the current fair market value of your property. 

To download a list of the exemptions CLICK HERE

WARNING: DO NOT withdraw funds from your pension fund or IRAs to pay your debts! In nearly all cases, qualified retirement funds (pension funds and IRAs) are yours to keep after your bankruptcy is completed. In fact, most of your assets are exempt from the bankruptcy process.

CLICK HERE to read The U.S. Court's description of each bankruptcy chapter.

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Bankruptcy Questionnaire

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